Asheulov Valery

Asheulov Valery was born in Khabarovsk area, in the village Selikhino, on 17 December, 1991 with severe urological pathology. His parents refused from him when he was born. 

The boy was taken from the maternity home into the hospital, where the doctors took out the urine through the tube, but his life was still in danger and the boy had to be under medical control. He stayed either in the Hospital or in the Orphanage.

Unfortunately in Khabarovsk orphanage the boy was mistreated, laughed at and mocked because of his illness. A sick and unhappy boy abandoned by his parents felt perfectly lonely and lost.

When Valera was 5 years old he was taken to the Russian Children Clinical Hospital (RCCH), where the Charity group named after father Alexander Men started to take care of him. The surgeons made a conclusion, that they could help the boy, make a complicated operation and

take out the tube. But the operation could have been made on the condition of good home care after it. Then the problem of tutorship or adoption was stirred. Moscow family fostered him and the unique operation was made.

 Unfortunately the foster-family which took care of Valera after the operation can not tend him anymore. Valera was attached to his foster-mother, but she got ill herself. As a result Valera has experienced another shoc and he is again alone. It is especially hard for him after staying in the family, where he had learnt what love and home means. He lost his room, toys, pets, attention, everything.

            When Moscow authorities had known about his fate, they made a decision to put the boy to the Moscow orphanage (though he has not come from Moscow) where he would stay till we find another foster parents.            

            Although Valera will soon be 12 years old and he is sick, he does not lose hope, that some people will love him and take into the family.

            Valera is a very clever boy. He is gifted in mathematics and plays chess well. In home conditions, surrounded by love and care he would develop like other children and forget about his misfortunes.